Kansai Airport Limousine Bus

Here is information about "Sorae", the Limousine Bus operated by Nankai Bus.

Where to get on/off

【Arrival at the airport】 The bus will arrive at the Kansai International terminal 1 Bldg on the 4th floor.
【Departure from the airport】 The bus will depart from 2nd bus stop on the 1st floor of the Kansai International Terminal 1 Bldg.

*Some bus lines for Senboku stop by the International Terminal 2.See the detailed information at the bus line page.


All the seats in Sorae are no-reserved.
Please note that we cannot make seating reservations.

For payment

In case arrival at Kansai Airport from other areas

【Payment in cash】
You need to pay when get off.
Please put the fare into the fare box beside the driver when you get off.
【Purchase a ticket at vending machine】(Cash only)
There is a ticket vending machine for shuttle bus installed at Kawachi-Nagano Station and Izumigaoka Station.
Follow the audio guidance and purchase the ticket.
【Purchase the ticket at travel agencies】(Cash and credit cards accepted)
You can purchase the shuttle bus ticket at the affiliate travel agencies.

In case departure from Kansa Airport

There are Limousine Bus ticket machines and ticket offices by the bus stops at both Kansa International Airport Terminal 1 and 2.

You can make a payment by credit cards only at travel agency counters and ticket offices at Kansai International Terminal

Available credit cards

Available cards

How to seat

  • ・We can keep large baggage in the trunk room(Have a look at this for carry-on baggage)
  • ・All the seats are no-reserved. Take a vacant seat.
  • ・Please fasten your seat belt.
  • ・Seats are limited. So, please make sure not to occupy extra seat with your belongings.
  • ・Push the button to get off when the name of bus stop you like to get off is announced.
  • ・Make sure not to mix up other passengers belongings with yours when bring back checked belongings.

For carry-on baggage

・We can keep too large baggage in the trunk room
Too large baggage might not fit the trunk room.

・Max. 2 suitcases per passenger will be accepted to keep in the trunk room.

【Baggage size, weight limitation to bring into the trunk room】
  For a piece of baggage Total amount
Weight Max. 30kg Max. 30kg
Size Max. 0.25 cubic meter Max. 0.25 cubic meter
The longest side length Max. 2m Max. 2m
Number to bring in Max. 2 pieces per passengers

・Following specific objects will be dealed as exceptional baggage.*The longest side should be Max. 2m.

  • ●Golf bag & golfer's sport bag Max. 15kg and 0.125 cubic meter/only 1 pcs.
  • ●A pair of skis plus ski bag Max. 15kg and 0.125 cubic meter/only 1 pcs.
  • ●Foldable bicycle Max. 15kg and 0.125 cubic meter/only 1 pcs.
  • ●Surf board Max. 10kg and 0.1 cubic meter/only 1 pcs.

・Use delivery service in case you have too many pieces of baggage.

・It is strictly prohibited to bring in dangerous objects such as explosive material, inflammable material, any objects which may bother other passengers or may impair the bus, or the things that may interrupt the bus running.

・Pets are allowed to bring in only when they are in a kennel.Please make sure that all of your belongings not bother other passengers.

・Valuables, fragile things and unpackaged things should be brought with you and not to deposit them to the trunk room.

・Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for loss or broken baggage.



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