To passengers who are taking Nankai Express Bus (Long Distance Highway Bus)


Reservations or Purchase of Ticket

Note that all seats in Nankai Express Bus are reserved seats. Please make a reservation.
Only when there is vacant seat, you can purchase tickets on the day of travel.

How to reserve, purchase the ticket.

To reserve, purchase from abroad
【Online】(in Japanese Language)

Shinjuku, Tokyo Line:Kousoku bus net

Other lines:Hassya Orai net/Bus Plaza
Hassya Orai net
Bus Plaza
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  • *Make a payment with a credit cards.
  • credit cards
Please contact travel agencies.
To reserve, purchase in Japan

【To reserve, purchase at the window】
You can reserve, purchase the tickets at Nankai Express Bus Center, branches, and major travel agencies.

【To reserve, purchase at convenience stores】
You can reserve and purchase the tickets at convenience stores.
How to purchase at a convenience store(in Japanese Language)

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For Children

Child fare (Half price of an adult. Rounded up at 10yen) is applicable to Child 6-12 years old.
When an infant under 6 years old requires a seat, the applicable child rate will be charged.

When you board

Bus service

Bus service

  • ◎Please note that arriving time could be delayed sometimes depending on the weather or road condition. (No refund for the ticket in this case.)
  • ◎Buses sometimes canceled if we are not able to ensure the security due to weather or road condition. (We will refund you for the ticket money in this case)
  • ◎If you cannot make it to bus stop by scheduled departing time, you will not able to get on. (No refund in this case)
  • ◎Departing/arriving time could be changed in advance.


  • ◎Please note that we run a different type/designed of bus sometimes when regular ones are on maintenance.
  • ◎Seat arrangement in "Three row seat" buses, sometimes the back seat is arranged two or four row, but there is no fare difference.

Baggage Policy

  • We make every reasonable attempt to carry a passenger's baggage on the service which they travel. On occasion, due to Vehicle loading and regulatory weight restrictions, baggage may need to be carried on an alternate Service.
  • Please read before booking/boarding. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
  • Please load and unload your own baggage from trunk by yourself.
  • Please note that we sometimes put a tag on your baggage classifying in order to keep everything in managed.
【Carry-on baggage】
  • ・Total weight: Max. 10kg
  • ・Total volume: Max. 0.027cubic meter (about 30cm x 20cm x 45cm)
  • ・Length: Max. 1m
  • * Only one baggage per passenger
【Things prohibited to bring (inside/in trunk)】
  • ・Dangerous objects (explosives and combustibles etc.)
  • ・likely to be damaged during Travel.
  • ・likely to cause problems with passenger or any other property.
  • ・Pets (dog, cat, etc.) *pets are not allowed even they are in kennels
    * Service animals (such as dog guides/hearing dogs/assisted service dogs) are permitted.
  • ・Things possibly damage the bus.
  • ・Large objects such as foldable bicycle, snow board, ski, etc.
    * Use delivery service for oversized objects.
  • ・We will accept foldable wheel chairs in the trunk.
    * We cannot accept electric wheel chair if it does not fit in the trunk.
  • ・Anything valuables, expensive goods, and anything is not closed all the way (including bags) cannot be put in the trunk.
    * Please take care of your valuables and luxury goods by yourself.
  • We are not responsible for any lost, damaged, mistakenly mixed up of items.


for safety and comfortable ride
  • ◎Please take a seat while the bus is in motion however if you need to use a lavatory, move carefully.
  • ◎Seat belts must be fastened.
  • ◎No smoking allowed the whole inside of the bus
  • ◎Do not leave your seat by the time the bus completely stops to prevent any crush or accident inside of a bus.
  • ◎Please set your mobile phone to silent mode, and refrain from talking on the phone.
  • ◎Utilize headphone/earphone system for silent operation.
【We reserve the right to refuse Travel or remove from the Vehicle any Passenger where the Passenger;】
  • ・appears to be under the influence of alcohol and behaves in a disruptive manner and may pose a threat to other passengers.
  • ・appears to be unclean and could disturb other passengers.
  • ・is under the condition of infectious diseases designated by government.
  • ・have a medical condition without an assistant.
  • ・Others not allowed by the law.
Please contact us via E-mail for further questions.
  • * It will take a few days to reply back to you.
  • * Write "問合せ"in Japanese on the subject line.
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